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Introduction to the Secondary Market
Introduction to the Secondary Market

It's Where the Savvy Buyers Shop!

The secondary market is simply the re-distribution of previously sold products. This includes equipment that is still in factory-sealed boxes... essentially someone's unused, unopened, pre-owned surplus. Refurbished equipment that was used and restored to good-as-new working order and appearance. And finally used equipment that has not been put through the same rigorous testing standards as refurbished but is in excellent working condition.

Why Not Just Buy New Equipment from the Manufacturer?

Most new networking equipment offers minor if any advances next to product available in the secondary market. Let's face it... no matter what price you buy your networking equipment at, it's still a large capital expenditure. These high end products were built to be relevant and last for many years. In most cases buying the newest product direct from the manufacturer is only going to cost you extra money. Extra money you probably did not need to spend!

Secondary Market Facts

- Same equipment
- Prices at 50-70% less
- Quicker delivery
- Longer warranty periods
- Maintenance program periods extending longer than direct manufacturer programs
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